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Welcome to Hemp & Hook!


I'm MAC (Melissa Ann Carreiro), and I'm absolutely thrilled that you've found your way to my shop. Let me share a bit about my journey with you.


For over 15 years, I was the proud owner of, where I not only crafted beautiful pieces but also supported my family – just me and my three children. It was an incredible experience connecting with amazing individuals like yourself, including some notable figures, and creating pieces that brought joy to my cherished customers.


In 2015, facing personal challenges, I made the difficult decision to close the shop and transitioned into a role into the corporate world of hospitality. However, my passion for crafting, especially hemp jewelry, never waned. Now, I've returned to my true calling, leaving the corporate world behind to pursue my dreams once more – and I couldn't have done it without the unwavering support of "my person," who is wholeheartedly behind me every step of the way.


My vision for Hemp & Hook, is a merge of my love for hemp jewelry with my passion for crocheting. My new journey is one that is filled with love, hope, joy and creativity, and I couldn't be happier to share it with you.


If you're a returning customer from the old days, please do reach out – I'd love to reconnect and hear your stories. And to all newcomers, WELCOME!


Please help spread the word about Hemp & Hook, and let's create something beautiful together.


With love and light,